Professor Siegel’s lab focuses on solving real, complex problems through a blend of radical innovation and cross-discipline thinking. Current exploration areas include vehicles and mobility, autonomy and artificial intelligence, connectivity and sensing, and cybersecurity.

Ongoing Projects

Current research efforts are funded in part by Michigan State University.

Scalable Universal Diagnostic System (SUDS)

Repurposing “data exhaust” to develop generalized algorithms for monitoring physical, electrical, and chemical systems

Pervasive Automotive Sensing Systems (PASS)

Automotive subsystem fault detection using data from mobile phone sensors

Cognitive Protection Systems (CPS)

Generalizable AI-enhanced cybersecurity for constrained IoT devices

Physically-Adversarial Intelligent Networks (PAIN)

Improving autonomous system performance through intentional, real-world adversarial engagement

Embedded Intelligence (EI)

Architecting AI implementations for use on constrained systems

Join the Lab

Professor Siegel is looking for postdoctoral associates to join in support of several ongoing research projects.