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Vccs Transfer Agreements

Ask your community college consultant what is available! See list of national delegation agreements. The longer you wait for a decision, the more likely your studies will be. It is recommended that all students speak with a Community College counsellor before enrolling in class. Here is our guide to the semester by semester for transfer to a four-year institution. In keeping with its institutional mission as a highly selective public university, the College of William and Mary (W-M) is concluding this Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA) with the colleges of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) to achieve the goal of improving access for community college students. This agreement replaces all existing guaranteed authorization agreements between W-M and VCCS. Virginia Education Wizard – Transfer The Virginia Community College System`s interactive assistant can help you move to a four-year university. VCCS courses can be used to meet important requirements if they have W-M equivalents, as indicated in the “Race Equivalents” document on the certification site W-M (www.wm.edu/admission/transfer). Curriculums that have received academic credits but are referred to as “voting rights” should not be used to meet important requirements. We look forward to suggestions from Community College`s university advisors on our transfer student policies. You can view VCCS transfer requirements based on the Major file (Power Point) at the same time as the guaranteed probate agreements. VCCS equivalency courses that meet these requirements are listed in the “Race Equivalents” document on the www.wm.edu/admission/transfer`s admissions site, in the “COLL” column for the college curriculum.

Students are subject to the applicable requirements at the time of submission of the letter of intent. Additional education and training requirements are set out in Section IV of this agreement. In accordance with the transfer policy, students who complete their bachelor`s degree by enrolling in a Virginia community college or Richard Bland College obtain a degree with associate degrees based on a bachelor`s degree course sequence and who obtain admission to Virginia Tech a junior level status upon admission. In addition, these students will have met some of the requirements of general education university courses; However, it may take more than two years for these students to graduate due to important conditions and other circumstances or requirements.