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Sea Tow Franchise Agreement

1.1.6 “marine towing marks,” the marks, service marks, logos, logos, emblems and original indications used by Sea Tow Services International and/or one (1) or more of its franchisees, including, but not only, the distinctive yellow-yellow/black feature of the trade; the verbal sign “SEA TOW,” the “SEAWTOW” logo and the phrase “Your Road Service at Sea,” for which SEA TOW obtained trademark registration in various international classes on June 3, 1986, July 29, 1986 and December 28, 1993 (record 1.396,210, Class 42; Notification 1,396,112 in Class 37; Notification 1.403.537 in Class 42; Notification 1.814.085 in classes 39 and 42; and registration number 1.850.914 in Class 39) and other trade names, service marks and trademarks, as they may be designated by the franchisor now or later. 2.1 Subject to the provisions of this Agreement and any documents or other agreements that have not yet been concluded 9.14 The franchisee submits the reports on the Sea Tow franchise to the franchisor, as the franchisor writes in the Manual, in addition to those required in Section 8.10. All recordings remain confidential, unless required by franchise laws. 9.17 Each of the parties will act in good faith and will do everything in its power to meet its obligations under this agreement and with the other parties to achieve the objectives of that agreement. In addition, the franchisee may not engage, directly or indirectly, in activities that affect or would affect the operation or reputation of Sea Tow Franchised Business, the franchisor, the system or the activity of another franchisee. 5.13.3 The franchisor or its designated representative manages the RTF holding account and the RTF work account. If the franchisor appoints a franchisee or other non-employee to manage the accounts, the franchisor is required to retain or insure the contents of the accounts, and the commitment and insurance fees as well as the debt management fees are accounted for by the accounts. 5.6.2 The franchisor makes all routine standard updates, software modifications, revisions and extensions available to the franchisee for an annual maintenance fee of $150 (or current maintenance costs) (“maintenance costs”), all standard routine updates, software modifications, revisions and extensions, usually made available to other franchisees in the franchisor at no additional cost (“updates”). This contract applies to the software in its original form as well as to any form thus updated, modified, revised and/or extended. The franchisor will provide the franchisee with the technical documentation necessary to make these updates, changes, revisions and extensions for the initial period. Maintenance costs are paid annually and are subject to annual increases or reductions due to changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).