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Virginia Tech Guaranteed Admission Agreement

Students are guaranteed to be admitted to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences after graduating with a minimum AMP degree of 3.0, a signed Memorandum of Understanding and the conclusion of a specific program to meet the essential requirements, in agreement with university advisors appointed within the Virginia College System (VCCS) and Virginia Tech. Please note the peculiarities in: By completing the right courses and acquiring your transferable associate degree with a strong average, you can count on admission to some colleges or departments of Virginia Tech. Joint agreements have been concluded with Richard Bland College and the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). In accordance with the transfer policy, students who complete their bachelor`s degree by enrolling in a Virginia community college or Richard Bland College obtain a degree with associate degrees based on a bachelor`s degree course sequence and who obtain admission to Virginia Tech a junior level status upon admission. In addition, these students will have met some of the requirements of general education university courses; However, it may take more than two years for these students to graduate due to important conditions and other circumstances or requirements. Virginia Community College System and Richard Bland College students who have been certified as having completed the virginia community college transfer module and who have a “C” or better grade in each course of the module, will have met the requirements of the University Pathways to General Education. The agreement offers students the opportunity to use the agreement with the same access as local students: As a NOVA graduate, you get admission to more than 40 higher education institutions and universities in the region if you meet the terms of agreement between NOVA and that university. Save thousands of student fees starting with NOVA. Let`s help them follow the right path to a successful career! A specific articulation agreement is available for students who graduate from Richard Bland College and who can offer a candidate guaranteed access to certain Virginia Tech programs. Look at the agreement and specific requirements below, as well as a database that notes all the course equivalencies evaluated between Richard Bland and Virginia Tech: Interested in a transfer to a four-year university or university? Virginia colleges have guaranteed admissions agreements with more than 35 four-year public colleges and universities in Virginia.

John Tyler Community College also has specific program agreements. For more information, including specific requirements for each VCCS agreement, see the full list below: Please visit the VCCS broadcast page. Students are guaranteed to be admitted to the College of Engineering after graduating from the transferable engineering association VCCS or the science associate with an engineering degree with a cumulative degree of 3.2. Please note that the Science Associate, which focuses on computer science, is not applicable to this contract. NOVA has a Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA) program for all our students who graduate from NOVA and meet the college or university agreement requirements. The program saves you thousands of student fees. It is recommended to meet with a transfer advisor on your NOVA campus to help you through the process. Semester during which students can be transferred as part of the agreement: Search for an institution: All online public-private online advisors in the orientation center are also happy to meet with you and discuss your transfer plans.