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Tv Show Host Agreement

Compensation. Host undertakes to defend, compensate and retain at all times producers, its subsidiaries, subsidiaries, constituent companies and its senior executives, directors, agents, successors, licensees and beneficiaries of the transfer resulting from a violation of representation. , the guarantee or agreement reached by the host under this agreement. Host agrees that the producer has the exclusive right to control the defence against such claims, claims or disputes, including the right to choose a lawyer of his choice and to compromise or settle such claims, claims or disputes. The producer undertakes to defend, compensate and compensate Host at any time for any liabilities, losses, receivables, receivables, fees and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and legal costs, regardless of whether a dispute is actually initiated), and to maintain its compensation for its development, production, distribution or use, unless these undertakings result from the violation of this Agreement by the host. Services. Subject to the terms of this agreement, Host provides all the services required by the manufacturer under this agreement and all services normally provided by Denhosts of the television industry, as the manufacturer reasonably requires, and must comply with all of the manufacturer`s instructions, requirements, rules and rules, whether or not they are matters of artistic taste or judgment. OBLIGATIONS TO OTHERS. The host does not have the right or authority to employ any person in any capacity or for the purchase or rental of items or equipment, or a commitment to enter into an agreement or undertaking that requires the manufacturer not to pay any funds or other consideration.

PROMOTIONAL SERVICES. Subject to the professional availability of the host provides all services, if and if reasonably required by the producer in the context of advertising and advertising for the program, including, but not limited to press conferences, interviews, photo sessions, premieres, television appearances and promotional tours.