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Trade Agreements Between Canada And Italy

The action plan aims to promote cooperation and research and development links between major Italian and Canadian research institutes and universities, innovative companies and public and private laboratories, in priority sectors, which are subject to regular review and evaluation: data on trade in goods are based on tariffs; trade data on services and data on foreign direct investment are based on the balance of payments. Important delegations for business and science and technology in both directions between Canada and Italy have given new impetus to the promotion of innovative business opportunities and partnerships. There are two cultural agreements in force between Canada and Italy: one on film co-productions and the other on cultural cooperation. Remarkable Canada-Italy Trade and Investment Agreements Learn more about Canada`s trade and investment agreements: Types of contracts and the gradual development of trade and investment agreements. Largest trade deficit in 2017: Machinery and equipment totaled $2.2 billion in 2018, or $2.2 billion. Italy remains a priority country to attract investment to Canada, and interest from Italian companies in sectors such as energy, food, automotive, manufacturing and information and communication technologies is growing. PROPONENTs of CETA say it will increase trade between partners by 20% and boost the EU economy by 12 billion euros ($14 billion) a year and Canada by $12 billion ($9 billion). In the Economic Indicators section, data on GDP in PPP, GDP per capita in PPP, population and international merchandise exports and imports are defyed from the World Bank`s database of global development indicators as a percentage of GDP. Trade rankings for goods and services are based on Statistics Canada data.

The “Ease of Doing Business” ranking is from the World Bank`s Doing business project. The Global Competitiveness Rankings are the result of the World Economic Forum`s Global Competitiveness Report. CETA is not the first agreement challenged by Italy.