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Medical Office Payment Plan Agreement

Thank you for your understanding of our payment policy. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can also use your payment policy (or a separate policy) to declare discounts for payers if you offer them. Our practice offers a discount equal to what Medicare allows if payers pay at the time of service. If they do not pay, they will not receive the discount. In our opinion, $42.50 in the bank is worth well over 50 $US, who sit on receivables for 90 days. You`d be amazed at how grateful patients are for the discount and how much it can help your firm`s cash flow. Insurance. We participate in most insurance plans, including Medicare. If you are not assured by a plan with which we deal, a full payment is expected at each visit. If you are insured by a plan with which we deal but do not have an up-to-date insurance card, a full payment is required for each visit until we can verify your insurance coverage. Know that your insurance benefits are your responsibility. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company.

Thank you for choosing us as our primary supplier. We strive to provide you with quality and affordable health care. Since some of our patients had questions about patient liability and insurance for the services rendered, we were advised to develop this payment policy. Please read it, ask us any questions you may have and sign up in the room provided. A copy is provided on request. The policy of your non-payment practice (z.B. after three months of non-payment, ask for help from a collection office). A payment policy lets your patients know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you.

A well-thought-out policy will prevent patients from being surprised by their financial commitment when they receive their services. There will also be some legal protection in your practice if a patient does not pay what you can move in. If your office charges patients for missed appointments, be sure to include this information in your payment policy. (Putting it on your appointment cards isn`t a bad idea either.) I think patients should only be charged for missed appointments if they know in advance the potential. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain medical practices and keep them viable.